A Gift

For all you creatives out there, I have a gift today. 

Though you're going to want to thank me profusely, I'm only going to accept the slightest of thanks. All I'm really doing is making you aware of something fabulous in case you missed it. 

The gift itself is actually coming from Alisa Burke, who has been one of my favorite bloggers since before I even had a creative blog of my own, whenI was just writing anonymously about law school. Alisa Burke's blog was my first real on-line creative outlet. I love her free-form style, her adventurousness with color and medium, and I love how honest she has been with her readers about what it took for her to become a full-time, self-employed artist. Go ahead, comb the archives. There's lots in there.

I've been dying to take one of her on-line classes for ages but just haven't had the time. It's on my serious to-do list (the fun kind, not the do-the-laundry kind). I recommend that you take one, if only so that I can live vicariously through you. But - here's the gift part - Alisa has created a free mini-course for her readers (and now that means YOU because I know you just hopped on over there). It's called Finding Your Muse, and as the name suggests, it's all about getting in touch with your inner creative champion.

If you're still reading this, what's wrong with you?! Head on over there and get your muse on!

You're welcome.