All Things Whale

A special post today for my dear friend Sai, who is a crazy-busy attorney and devoted lover of whales. 

This week the Economist reported on a proposal floated at the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Science requesting additional rights for animals like whales and dolphins. Research continues to show that these animals have extremely high degrees of intelligence and even - the part that's really amazing to me - self-awareness. You know I think Jammer's awesome, but the dude cannot recognize himself in a mirror, like some of these animals can. They also have complex cultural structures, from feeding rituals to vocal communication. Nothing was decided at the meeting, but the request certainly raises interesting ethical and philosophical questions. If you read over that article and thought to yourself, "Whales! They're totally people too!," then I've pulled together a few whale-loving treasures for you.

With this vintage educational chart hanging on your wall, you would not only share your whale-loving-ness with everyone who saw it, you'd be well prepped for any future whale discussions.

Want your little one to grow up loving whales too? This whale mobile is just the thing.

If you're a nature lover who cheers for the predator when he catches the prey, then this graphic art print may delight your Darwinian heart. 

Perhaps you'd like to have a little something shiny as a daily reminder of the whale's majestic beauty. This whale tail necklace is lovely, but more than that, 15% of the proceeds benefit the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

And if you've always wanted to curl up with a whale, then this vintage-style whale pillow is the next best thing.

For those of you who want to make a direct contribution to whales, there are many, many organizations  focused on whale conservation. Below, I've included links to just a few of the programs that allow you to "adopt" a whale. You can, of course, just make a donation, but these adoption kits make great gifts, especially for children who are learning about marine life and conservation.

Adopt a Blue Whale with the World Wildlife Foundation
Adopt a Whale through the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Adopt a Whale with Save the Whales
Adopt an Orca through the Whale Museum in the San Juan Islands 
Adopt a Whale with the Bar Harbor Whale Museum 
Adopt a Whale with the Oceanic Society
Adopt a Whale with the Pacific Whale Foundation
Adopt a Whale with the Whale Center of New England

I encourage you to do some research if you don't know much about whales. They are truly fascinating creatures. A quick search on youtube will bring up tons of great videos of whales interacting with each other and with other species. And if I know Sai, check back in the comments later for some of her thoughts.

And of course, I'll be heading out to see Big Miracle very soon. Whales and Drew Barrymore? Come on.