Why Burlington's worth it, even though I have to take the bar again

People keep asking me how I'm liking it here in Burlington. Tomorrow will mark one month since I parked the uhaul in the driveway. And though I'm pretty miserable and whiny about the bar studying that's taken up most of my time since then, I'm loving being here. Here are the top five reasons why.

1. I'm basically ecstatic to be living with Navah again. The time apart was not so great, and saying goodnight while we're lying next to each other in bed is 100% better than saying goodnight over the phone.
Winter trees
2. I adore our apartment. Roomy and bright, I feel like I'm living in a home instead of a rental. Even though we can't use the porches right now, just knowing that they're waiting there for us fills me with joy.

jammer 3. Everything is so quaintly residential. When I go for a walk, I'm walking by tons of beautiful old homes, many that are over one hundred years old (like the one we're living in). And then when I make it into the downtown area, it's also cute as can be. Basically anywhere there's a lovely little pedestrian mall (that used to be a real street with a streetcar route), that's where I want to be.

house 4. A quick walk or drive in basically any direction brings me to open fields or gorgeous views of Lake Champlain or the Green Mountains or farmland. There's space - lots of open space.  It's a salve for my too-full psyche.

Railroad tracks Fence 5. I'm staying here. Of course not in this house forever, but here. In Vermont. I didn't realize until I was here how much the in-flux-ness of my life was affecting me. I knew DC wasn't going to be my "forever home," (to borrow a term from the dog rescues) and that kept me from completely investing myself in that community. Some people want to jump from place to place, travel the world, make millions of friends in every stop along the way. That's not me. I want roots.

paw prints So I'm loving it here. But that's not to say that I don't miss anything from DC. In fact, I miss my friends a lot. Emailing and talking on the phone are nice, but it's not the same. I'll be overjoyed when we have our first visitors, but it's hard to accept that I'll never get back the easy "hey let's do brunch" that I had with those folks.
Snowy flower
And I miss our fireplace. Who moves to Vermont and doesn't have a fireplace? Just sayin'.

Thank you all for reading this week. Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!