Pillowcases for Good

Hannah with another PIH fellow in front of the hospital
As you may already know, my little sister is in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda right now on a fellowship with Partners in Health.  She deals primarily with management and dissemination of necessary pharmaceuticals and medical commodities to rural facilities, but she's also been doing some volunteering in the Rwinkwavu District Hospital Pediatric Ward.  The ward itself is kind of somber in terms of decorations, and Hannah thought it might be fun to spruce it up a bit for the kids.  I'm heading to Rwanda in March, so she asked me if I could sew and bring forty bright and cheerful pillowcases.  I told her that, because I was moving and now studying for the bar, I wasn't really in a position to sew forty pillowcases.  BUT, I told her, I can definitely sew a few, and I bet there are some crafty bloggers and friends out there who would love to join in and make some pillowcases for the children in the Rwinkwavu pediatrics ward.

Though I can't post pictures of the children in the ward, I thought I'd include some photos from Hannah's time in Rwinkwavu and some of the happy, healthy kids she's met there.  Hannah is nothing if not a lover of children.

Hannah and kids

Hannah with baby
Hannah with little boy
Hannah teaching
Hannah also volunteer tutors for a standardized test that's in English

So, on to the actual pillowcases.  Hannah's looking for bright and cheerful standard-size pillowcases, gender neutral as much as possible, and without any specific cartoon characters, cowboys and indians, or guns. I've included links to a bunch of tutorials showing how to sew your own pillowcases and to get those ideas flowing.

Tutorial from The Cottage Home

Tutorial from Wonderfully Awkward

Tutorial from You Go Girl 
Tutorial from Film in the Fridge

Tutorial from J Caroline Creative

Tutorial from Made

Tutorial from Sara vs Sarah

It's a really simple project, perfect for beginners!  

Also, my mom pointed out that it could also be fun to buy standard  pillowcases and decorate them with fabric paints or even applique fabrics onto them.  She may invite friends over to decorate the pillowcases together, which I think is a fabulous idea!

If you'd like to send pillowcases (even one would be appreciated!), then shoot me an email at ktmadeblog (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can get a sense of how many I'll be getting.  When your pillowcases are complete, just send them along to:

P.O. Box 5313
Burlington, VT 05402-5313

I will be leaving for Rwanda on March 8th, so please get your pillowcases to me by March 6th, when I'll make one last run to the post office.

Please pass this along to your friends and fellow bloggers, and feel free to post about it on your blog if you have one.  I'd love to show up in Rwinkwavu with enough pillowcases for every child in the pediatrics ward.

So excited to have this opportunity to share our crafting love!