New Furniture Plus Squeeeeeee!!!!!

bookshelf styling Last week I took you on a little tour of the furniture pieces we are hoping to purchase or create over the next few months as we settle into our delightful new home. Living room-2Living room 2-1 I mentioned that the one piece that I was really desperate to get was a bookshelf for the living room so that we could unpack the boxes of books that were taking up space in the guestroom.  

During the week, I happened to pass by a used furniture store - Myer's Used and New Furniture - while driving around lost learning the Burlington streets.  I was pretty impressed by their selection, and I made a date with Navah to head back over the weekend.  I also bought one piece on the spot and had them hold it for me, but we'll get to that later.

So, Navah and I spent an hour or so there on Saturday, and our new furniture was delivered yesterday amid much gleeful squealing from me. 

We bought a nice, tall bookshelf.  See how lovely it looks here? bookshelf We contemplated a smaller one, which was, as Navah pointed out once we packed this thing with books, totally ridiculous.  This size is perfect, both for the number of books we have, and for the scale of the room.  A shorter version would've been less useful and would have left us with all our furniture being basically the same height, aka Boring Town.  

The bookshelf was the one piece of new furniture we bought because they didn't have any used that worked for us.  

We also bought this piece to act as a tv stand.
tv stand 1

Though it's a bit rough around the edges, it's nice and sturdy.  And it will be a prime candidate for some wood putty and a stain job when I get the chance.  For now, I still think it's lovely, and it's doing a stand-up job holding our tv.  All our electronics, like the dvd player and the wii, are stored inside behind closed doors.  When we want to use them, we can just open the doors. We kept our roku box out next to the television because (a) we use it almost every time we turn on the tv since we don't have cable, (b) it's so tiny and unobtrusive that it's barely noticeable, and (c) we would have needed an additional cord to have it reach all the way down to the hole in the back of the chest. 

On that point - somewhere in the life of this piece, its owners used it in a similar fashion.  Holes had been cut in the back for cords, but someone else had glued pieces of wood over them.  Luckily for me, with a flathead screwdriver and a little tap-tap-tapping from the hammer, I was able to pop the wood off one of the holes and thread my cords right through there.  Hurrah.

And since you know I love little door details, take a closer look at these drawer pulls.
tv stand drawer pulls

Ooh la la.

So, buying those two pieces knocks off numbers 1 and 5 on our list of things to get for the living room, and this space is looking a lot more put together.
bookshelf tv stand

But what about the piece I said I bought on the spot?  Well, it wasn't on the list.  I'd like to tell you that I'm ashamed of myself for buying something that wasn't on the list, but I can't.  I can't because I'm so freaking excited about it that not even a smidge of shame can sneak in.  

It's this.

sewing table

Looks like just a pretty little desk, but do you see those cords down below?  
You guessed it.

It becomes this.
sewing table tada

My very own 1970 Sears Kenmore sewing table.

I'm beyond.  Just beyond.  

Right now it's living in the dining room, which could be where it lives forever since it's just so pretty there, and the top can be used as a desk when I'm not sewing on it.  And that way I can gaze lovingly at it while I do bar studying on the couch.

For more loving glances at the new machine, come back tomorrow.  I'll be sharing all the sexy details.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  We got all three items - the television stand, the sewing table, and the bookshelf for 260 smackers.  Well done us.