House Tour Part 2

I promised you yesterday that I'd show you the rest of the house.  I also thought I might clarify what type of space we're living in.  This is the top floor of a two-story house that we're renting.  So no, we didn't buy a house, and we don't have the whole thing to ourselves.  But, I think you'll agree that what we do have is pretty awesome.

So, on to the rest of the house tour.

Remember that door in the dining room - well, it leads into a tiny little hallway with three doors off of it - the main bedroom, the bathroom, and the guest bedroom.
Looking into hallway

There's not much to see in the bathroom.

But note the pretty light blue wall color that is almost exactly the same as our previous bathroom color, which means - you guessed it - our shower curtain and the little basket I made still work beautifully.  Hurray for that!
Bathroom 2

Our bedroom's pretty plain jane right now.  Those little curtains were left by the previous tenants.  I don't love having the bed up against a window, but there's no space where it will fit that's not up against a window, so that's that.
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3

Otherwise it's a great space.

And lest you begin to think that I'm some sort of unpacking superhero (ahem, Sai), take a look over here at the guest bedroom.
Guest Bedroom

So that's where everything is.
Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely.

And finally, I forgot to show you the back porch yesterday.  It's off the kitchen.  And we'll definitely be using this one too.
Back Porch

It even has clothes lines up for when the weather's warmer.

So there she is, folks.  I'll be back later to talk about some of the things we want to buy/create/improvise, and I can't wait to share it all with you as we make this precious house our home.