25 Can't-Miss Crochet Tutorials

Lucy Bag-1
I'm nothing if not a peruser of crafty blogs, and while I am the slowest crocheter in the history of the world (meaning that you rarely see finished crochet projects from me), I adore looking at other people's crochet projects.  They inspire me to sit down with a crochet hook and some soft yarn so that I can make something beautiful.

So before this cold weather is all gone, I sat down and pulled together some of my favorite crochet tutorials on the web - the ones that I pine over, the ones that get me to sit down with my hook in the hopes of one day finishing the project I'm working on so that I can move on to something else!  

Here is a collection of 25 crochet tutorials that inspire me and keep me adding to my yarn stash.

For Beginners


If you've never picked up a crochet hook, don't despair.  I taught myself to crochet using a book called Learn to Crochet in Just One Day.  I sat down on a Saturday and worked my way through.  I did end up as the slowest crocheter in the world, but hey, speed is overrated.  Nowadays, there are so many fabulous tutorials on the web that you don't even need a book.  Here are five web tutorials (or tutorial series) that will teach you all the basics and get you comfortable enough to move on to some lovely projects.

Crochet School from Craftyminx
The Humble Granny Square from Renate Kirkpatrick
The Meaning of Pattern Symbols from Le Monde de Sucrette

For Baby

Bitter Sweet

If you're anything like me, everyone you know is pregnant.  And by "know," I mean everyone whose status updates pop up on your facebook page.  That means it's time to start whipping out those baby blankets and softies for baby showers and welcome-to-the-world gifts.  You won't go wrong with these adorable tutorials.

Amigurumi bird from Bitter Sweet
Penguin bowling pins from Bitter Sweet
Everyday is a New Sweater Day sweater from Yarny Days 
Little Christmas socks from Le Monde de Sucrette

For Home

Crochet with Raymond

More than knitting, crocheting is known for the things you can make to spruce up your living space.  You might cringe at the thought of crocheted accessories if all you remember is the scratchy mustard, brown, and army green blankets your grandmother made.  But the modern world of crochet is filled with bright colors and interesting designs that can fit into any design scheme.  Try out one of these to add a little homemade charm to your living room.

Pillowcase Crochet Border from You Go Girl 
Blanket stitch tutorial from You Go Girl (base of the pillowcase crochet border)
-    Cup Cozies from All About Ami
Grandma All Round Granny Square from the Royal Sisters  
Flower coasters from Versus Mag 
Hexagon How-to from Attic 24
Lotus Mandala Prayer Flag Bunting from Crochet with Raymond 
Crocheted rope basket from Making Chicken Salad- 
Granny stripe blanket from Attic 24 
Rag Rug from Sugar Bee Crafts

For You

People Webs

And what's the point of all this crocheting if you can't make a little something nice for yourself?  These projects will keep you toasty warm this winter (especially if your winter's going to last into April like mine probably will!)  If spring is fast-approaching for you, then you'll have plenty of time to work on these for that first nippy night next fall.

The Lucy Bag from Attic 24 
Granny Square Cowl from Crochet with Raymond
Crochet boot cuffs from Compulsive Craftiness 
Shell cowl from Persia Lou 
Chunky circle scarf from People Webs

If those tutorials don't have you running for your crochet hook, then I'll have to assume crochet just isn't your thing.  For those who are bookmarking and pinning these projects with a wild look in your eyes, I'd love to hear about (or see pictures!) of what you're making.