A Practical Wedding

If you chat with me in real life, you know I'm mildly moderately seriously obsessed with the blog A Practical Wedding and also with the amazing Meg Keene, the woman behind the blog (which is much more than a blog now).  She has created a rich community of brides, brides-to-be, wives - women (and maybe some men?) talking about relationships and what it means to be in them, honor them, and celebrate them in every different way imaginable. 

She also wrote a delightful book of the same name about wedding planning that fills what was an inexplicable hole in the wedding book world - a common sense book that doesn't make you feel like everything you're doing is (1) wrong, (2) too expensive, (3) not expensive enough, or (4) likely to make your family run out crying.  Reading her book has been like a breath of fresh air.  When she talked about how absolutely normal it is for couples to fight more than ever during the engagement period and how important those fights are as the couple wades into new territory and tests the boundaries of their blossoming "baby family," I wanted to fly to California and hug her. 

Today Meg starts her book tour, and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that I won't get to attend any of her talks.  I'll say this much - it's a lot of disappointment.  Imagine slumped shoulders, frantically scrolling through the dates and locations over and over again hoping that a new one will pop up, deeper slumped shoulders, downcast eyes, harumphing.  You get the picture.

The closest I can get is to keep reading about the tour on A Practical Wedding and to share one of their fabulous ad buttons here.  I'll also be running it in my sidebar.  If you can make it to one of the talks, tell me about it.  Send me pictures.  Call me and hold the phone up while Meg talks.

And good heavens, buy the book.