You guys...

I floated around Thursday on a cloud of joyfulness and goodwill.  I was high on happy.  You guys, with all of your love and support, overwhelmed me in the most fabulous way.  I said hello to everyone I passed.  I sent happy emails.  I grinned for no reason. 

Is there anything better than sharing exciting news and having all the people you care about overflow with excitement for you?  I think not. 

I did my best to just soak it all up, breath it in, really feel it so that when the happy feelings depart, as they will will do, I'll remember them.  Feelings are mortal, just like everything else.  But if I can remember, on those days that I feel like a bad egg, that I had other feelings, that there was lightness and peacefulness and an abundance of joy, that's the key.  Then I can let the low feelings go just as easily as the high ones.

It was glorious, especially because for the few weeks before, I had been in a cranky, complaining fog, feeling miserable, and guilty for feeling miserable.  Thursday was just the day I needed to jumpstart my system and remind me what amazing people I have in my life and what delights await me!

Thank you!

Fall in DC 39
Jammer looking forward to the delights that await him, aka liver treats. Mmmm...