The Beauty's in the Details

A few weekends ago, I headed over to my friends Mike and Irene's apartment for a last-minute Saturday night soiree.  They're two of my favorite people. Whenever we hang out, I'm almost always in danger of snorting, spurting a drink out my nose, or peeing in my pants.  The fact that we all enjoy talking fashion and decor is just icing on the cake.

They live in a fabulously-outfitted studio apartment, and I'm always amazed by how easy they make it look to (1) live in a studio apartment and still be a happy couple and (2) throw a dinner party/last-minute soiree for more than 5 people in a studio apartment.  In short, they're amazing.  And as I was looking around Saturday night, I realized that I had to snap some quick shots with my phone of some of the wonderful details around their space.  I didn't have the camera, the time, or the space to really do it justice (also, as much as I pretend, I'm not actually a professional photographer).  But here are a few of the little touches that make me smile:

Mike and Irene's Apt 7

They love to entertain, and Irene really pulled out all the stops - without even going to the store!  Everything she made here - the individual tomato soup cups, the mandarine orange creamsicles, marinated artichokes, and savory pinwheels - was from things she already had in the kitchen.  I can hardly make dinner for myself with just the things I have in the kitchen.  I'm always running out to pick up this or that.

Mike and Irene's Apt 6

Not only do I love this orange colander and the adorable apron hanging on the right, but I appreciate how Irene brought the holiday season right into the kitchen with those brightly colored snowflakes.  Such a simple step, but it really made that little nook more festive!

Mike and Irene's Apt 4

Not much needs to be said here except (1) I wish I had taken a better photo, and (2) I wish I had a squirrel lamp.

Mike and Irene's Apt 3

Fabulous octopus, and you might be able to tell from this little snippet of picture that their bookshelves are beautifully color-coordinated.  It's not something I could ever do because I organize by subject matter and having books grouped any other way would drive me absolutely bonkers, but I definitely appreciate the aesthetics.

Mike and Irene's Apt 8

It's an umbrella stand IN THE SHAPE OF AN UMBRELLA!  Come on.

Mike and Irene's Apt 2

And finally, their adorable tree on their fabulous orange stool.

Maybe one day I'll do a full house tour because their space sure deserves it, but I hope these little snippets have made you smile.