Fall in the City

It's the third day of rain here in DC, and most of the leaves have fallen off the trees near my house.  Walking on the sidewalks is a slippery affair - taking one wrong step on a wet leaf could land you on your rump. 

I haven't hit the ground yet (fingers crossed), and I'm quite proud of myself for taking the time over the weekend to throw my camera around my neck as I headed out for a walk with Jammer. 
Fall in DC 34
The rain hadn't hit yet. The air was crisp, and the trees were glowing in bright yellow and red and orange.  In short, it was the perfect fall day.

Fall in DC 37
Fall in DC 35
Fall in DC 7
Eventually I'll take a photography class or buy a video that will help me figure out all the bells and whistles on this fantastic camera, but for now I'm just loving the process of trying everything out.  My plan for the camera initially was to be able to take better pictures of my crafts and food concoctions.  But I've been so busy with work that I've hardly had time to make anything.  What I've discovered in the meantime is that I adore taking nature photos.  I throw out the crappy pictures, and ooh and ah over the good ones!
Fall in DC 5
Fall in DC 3
Fall in DC 12
Fall in DC 28
Fall in DC 29
One of the delightful things about autumn is that you get both gorgeous leaves and still-blooming flowers.  A bit of a miracle if you ask me. 

Fall in DC 31
Fall in DC 18
Fall in DC 24
Fall in DC 21
Fall in DC 26

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