The Smoky Mountains in Pictures

Thank you for all of the kind comments on my previous post.  Perhaps I'm a bad person for taking comfort in others' perfectionism issues, but it does help to know that I'm not alone.

Smoky Mountains Leaves

I mentioned that our camping trip to the Smoky Mountains was a bit rainier and more frustrating than we would have hoped.  But it was still a beautiful vacation.  I love the Smoky Mountains - for their accessibility as much as their natural splendor.  The Rockies are magnificent, no question.  The first time I saw them (that I can remember), I gasped at how spectacular they were.  But with spectacular-ness sometimes comes distance and coldness.  Perhaps those who have lived with the Rockies in their view feel about them as I feel about the Smokies - like visiting an old friend, comfortable and welcoming. 

Smoky Mountains Vista 3

Of course, like all old friends, the Smokies have some flaws.  Way too many spiders, for one.  I was recently told that these granddaddy long legs are not actually spiders, but I say - if you look like this...


you're a spider.  At least in my book.

But, as with friends, there are so many good parts, that you decide to visit anyway!

We saw beautiful flowers

Flowers 2
Flowers 1
Daisy 1
Daisy 3

Clear streams

Smoky Mountains Creek 7
Smoky Mountains Creek 2
Smoky Mountains
Ephraim Bales Place, Smoky Mountains 5


Juneywhank Falls, Smoky Mountains
Tom Branch Falls, Smoky Mountains
Indian Creek Falls, Smoky Mountains

Old homesteads

Noah Bud Ogle Place, Smoky Mountains
Noah Bud Ogle Place, Smoky Mountains 3
Ephraim Bales Place, Smoky Mountains 2
Ephraim Bales Place, Smoky Mountains 7


Butterfly 5

Wild turkeys
Wild turkey 2

And gorgeous views.

From Clingman's Dome 3
They're not called Smoky for nothing
Smoky Mountains Vista 1

When I got back from the mountians and told folks about our trip, I was surprised to hear that many people didn't know about the Smoky Mountains!  I hope these pictures will encourage you to take a little trip if you haven't yet. 

For more pictures of our Smoky Mountains vacation, visit my Flickr page.