Gratitude and Uninvited Guests

I can't say thank you enough for all of the kind comments on my last post.  I'm a pretty open-book kind of person, but it still feels scary sometimes to put feelings out into the world with my name on them.  Getting support from all of you helps me feel safer to say what's inside.

To express my sincere gratitude, I present you with pictures of kittens:

Weekend before last, two of my favorite people got married, and these little guys hung around the house where the wedding party stayed. 

Kittens 6
They were clearly used to being fed scraps and whatnot from the varied guests who stay at the house - they were always hanging out waiting for some grub, which of course led to the discovery that we had ALL been feeding them.  They had it made.

Kittens 2
Don't think that meant they were saying thank you with a little head nuzzle, though.  No, they kept their distance and if, by chance, you thought you might trick them into a little petting by holding a piece of turkey in one hand and trying to stroke their soft fur with the other hand, they would reward your efforts with a bite or a scratch.  Not that I had that happen or anything...

Kittens 1
Even so, they were pretty darn cute.

Kittens 8
Kittens 14
Kittens 24
Kittens 22
Kittens 23
Kittens 19
Kittens 17
Kittens 9

Kittens 25
Kittens 3

As always, thanks for being here!