Work - Craft Balance: Fail


In my "real life," I'm a first-year associate in at a very large law firm.  If you've never known a first-year associate before, this means that I spend many, many hours at work crying in the fetal position doing important intellectual things.  I always begin the day with ambitious evening plans to finish my craft projects or begin new ones.  Sometimes I leave the office at a semi-reasonable hour, and I actually do get a little crafting time in the evening.  But often, and more so lately, I'm too zapped when I get home to do anything but stare mindlessly at the television.

Combine that with my penchant for projects that take approximately 75 times longer than I think they're going to take, and sharing any brilliant creations with you guys is proving difficult.

But because I REFUSE to believe that I will not at SOME point finish these things, I'm giving you some teasers of what's to come.


Applique Applique 3 Book Paper 2 Felt Circles 2 Afghan

Well, that last one's not really a surprise, but it is in my regular craft project rotation.

So, get excited about the ta-da moments to come.  Let's cross our fingers that they aren't too far off!