Sleeping bags, here we come!

After some really busy and unpleasant weeks at work, I am heading off on my first week of vacation since I started this job over eight months ago.  I am EXcited.

This weekend our social calendar is 100% full with - are you ready for this? - one engagement dinner (hosted for us), one afternoon baby shower (which I am hosting but Navah will not be attending because...), one afternoon bridal shower (which Navah will be going to but I will not be attending), and one overnight bachelorette party.  That's all before Sunday morning!  At which point we'll hop in the car and drive down to North Carolina for 5 days of camping, hiking, hammock-lounging, and soul rejuvenation.  It has been a while since I've been down to the Smoky Mountains National Park, but growing up in a camping-family in Georgia, it was always one of my favorite vacation spots.  So in some ways, it feels like a trip to my vacation home.  A vacation home without a computer or a blackberry.  Amen.

Overlook - Smoky Mountains
Ed Selby, via Flickr

I know that you're struggling between being happy for me and feeling completely neglected because perhaps you've gathered that I won't be posting next week.  But, never fear!  I've arranged for some fabulous guest bloggers to join you while I'm gone.  They'll be sharing their lovely and delicious creations.  So don't be a stranger.

Hopefully when I arrive back I'll be completely rejuvenated and jazzed to share a few new projects!

But before that, I'm curious?  Is there anyplace that you call (vacation) home?  If you were heading out for a week right now, where would you be going?