Sewing In a Straight Line

Don't you just love getting exciting things in the mail?  Even if you sent them to yourself?

An email that I send myself will usually contain a reminder to do something mildly unpleasant, like pay my Verizon bill.  But snail mail that I send myself - that's usually something to get really pumped up about, like this new book from Brett Bara, Sewing in a Straight Line.  I ordered it last week and waited anxiously for my copy to arrive, and hurray for a package at my door over the weekend!

The blog world had been all a-twitter over it, and I was so excited to rip that cardboard open and peruse my little mail gift.  Boy, was I pleased.

Book cover
You know how sometimes you pick up a sewing or other crafty book at the bookstore, and the cover is gorgeous and you start calculating how you're going to afford it and whether you need to put some other book back?  And then you start flipping through it and...meh...only three or four of the projects look any good.  And the instructions seem confusing.  And it's just not worth $30.

Well, people, get to the bookstore.  Because that is not at ALL what's happening here.  At less than $20 a pop, this book is filled with fabulous project after fabulous project.  Brett's instructions are clear, with lots of pictures and diagrams.  And she made all these things in her Manhattan apartment sans craft room!  So no matter how much space you have, you can whip up these awesome projects.  I know one blogger who just got a new sewing machine, and she should be running to the bookstore right now!

Just look at all the fabulousness.

One-hour skirt 15-min sham Jewelry Keeper Baby Quilt Ottoman cover

I'm thinking about hosting a sew-a-long for one (or more) of the projects from the book when I get back from vacation (yippee!), so I'd love to hear if you'd be interested in something like that.

And no, Brett Bara did not pay me to say any of the nice things I said about this book.  Are you kidding?  She has no idea who I am!