A Little Hooky Inspiration

I've been working on a blanket to send to the Hamlin Fistula Relief and Aid Fund forever.  Seriously, I just can't seem to finish this one.  There are so many projects on my plate right now that every one of them is getting short shrift.

Just to give you a little size perspective - it's not that big.

But Alice over at Crochet with Raymond has inspired me with the completion of her jaw-dropping Gypsy Caravan Blanket.  The colors are so cheerful, and she always manages to make crochet look like the most modern of art forms - like the way she uses the gray borders around each square here.  So far removed from the dated green, brown, and burnt orange afghan of my childhood. I can't imagine anyone not immediately stashing these images in their own crochet inspiration file. 

Hopefully those pictures will give me the swift kick in the rump that I need, and I'll be getting hooky with it (yes, I did) in no time at all.

For those who don't crochet, I've got an exciting post coming up in the next few weeks that will get you started!  So tune back in!