Go ahead, paint your floor. Do it for me.

I am a huge fan of Alisa Burke, an inspiring mixed-media artist and blogger.  I never miss a post, and there's never one that I don't enjoy.  But this week, she bowled me over with her painted floor.

She had painted the runner-style "rug" over a year ago, but it needed a little updating and some more details.  The effect is perfect - springy and flowery, but not flouncy or too prissy.

I have always wanted to paint the floor - or rather, I've always wanted a floor to paint.  As of yet, I've never owned my own floor.  And pretty as it is, I have a sneaking suspicious that most landlords wouldn't take too kindly to it.  No, I have dreamed of a floor all my own - usually it's my future screened porch or sunroom - with a gorgeous modern flowery design.  But now I'm wondering if I wasn't too hasty relegating my future painted floor to my future porch. One right outside my bedroom like this would make me smile every morning!

You can be sure this one will be filed away for future inspiration!

And speaking of, here are a few others to inspire you if flowers aren't your thing:

Paisley Wallpaper

Sunny Goode

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Anyone else ever dreamed of painting the floor?  Oooh, have you already?!