The Project That Wasn't

Not every project gets its day in the sun. In fact, judging from my blog these days, virtually NO projects get any real face time. The long workdays and moving and family-filled weekends have made finding creative time challenging. But the time and energy constraints don't keep my mind from dreaming up an ever-expanding must do list.

A few weekends ago, I set aside time to do one project that had been knocking around in there for weeks. My plan was to attach a hook to a wooden letter for each of us - K for me, N for Navah, and J for Jammer. I would decorate the letters - I had a subtle decoupage idea - and then hang them by the door where we desperately needed a spot for keys and for Jammer's leash and collar. I bought the letters at Michaels on Saturday morning and replenished my Mod Podge stock. After weeks of thinking about it, I was excited to bring the project to fruition.

But shortly thereafter my aspirations hit the skids. A trip to the Container Store has probably derailed more projects than my own - when a happy DIYer realizes that those organizational whizzes have come up with a storage solution significantly more effective than whatever it is they were planning. Such it was with me.

Though the prices of the merchandise at the Container Store usually send me running, this hanging storage was very reasoanbly priced at $20.

I hemmed and hawed for at least fifteen minutes over the decision. It is nowhere near as cute as my letters would have been. But my letters had one grand utilitarian flaw - they provided only hanging space and no real storage options for things that are nice to have next to the door - like wipes for Jammer's feet or treats or doggy poo bags. I've been wanting that stuff off the windowsill, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that the hanging storage was going to be the winner because it incorporated both goals.

So no lovely project pictures here. No tutorial. Hopefully my wooden letters will make themselves known sometime soon in another project. For now, they'll sit in the box of possibilities.

Do you dream of DIY projects that never happen?
Or that get replaced by a store-bought solution?
Tell me about it!