What is a tisket? Or a tasket, for that matter?

The new bathroom has less storage than we'd like, even after we put together a little storage unit for over the toilet.  It's mostly my fault - I have a products problem.  Maybe one day I'll remedy that, but today is not that day.  Neither is tomorrow.  So things like towels, which are significantly less important than three different types of shine-enhancing hair serums (the dream never dies), got banished to a random basket that we had laying around.

It did the job, but it was a little...plain jane for my taste.  It needed a little pizzazz. 

I gently cleaned the basket before I brought it to the backyard for some spray painting. It's been a long time since I've had a well-ventilated area for creating, so I delighted in the simple pleasure of standing outside with a can of spray paint.

I got a quick lesson in using primer:  I didn't, and it took almost the entire can of spray paint to cover that basket.  As fast as I could spray the paint on, she was soaking it up.  Lesson learned. 

Once the basket was all dry, I whipped out some ribbon that I bought at Michaels.   Using my trusty hot glue gun, I attached the wide brown ribbon to the two bands that went around the basket - little bit by little bit.  Note:  When you're working with a hot glue gun, the glue dries VERY quickly, so expect to glue a little, press down a little, glue a little, press down a little, and so on.

She was already looking like a new gal, but I knew she had even more potential.  More potential = more ribbon.  So, I re-heated the hot glue glun, and pulled out some complementary teal ribbon.  This time, I folded over the ribbon as I glued it down to give a little bit of depth and interest. 

The end result takes the basket from purely functional to color-coordinated design feature.  Easy peasy.

If you've revamped a basket, I'd love to see it.  Send me a link or picture or post it in the comments.