Small Space Adventure Update!

I mentioned before that our new apartment is adorable but small.  I didn't mention that two of our dear friends live there now, and we were able to rent the apartment because of a lucky heads up from them that it would be available.  Last week, we had dinner with them - a bittersweet affair to say the least.  In addition to the sadness of spending our last evening with them while we live in the same city (or state, or even region of the country), we were getting excited about moving in and making the place our own.  I took a few measurements in preparation for buying a new couch and making sure that some of our other pieces of furniture will fit.

One of the really exciting things about this move is the whole downsizing part that I spoke of earlier.  Because our friends are moving across the country to Oregon, they didn't want to take a lot of their furniture with them, and we negotiated which pieces we would buy.  It's a huge bonus - we're getting rid of a ton of furniture that's big and bulky and that we don't like - goodbye super uncomfortable futon! - and we don't have to move as much.  We're gaining a new, smaller kitchen table, an already-mounted flat screen television (squeal!), and a little coffee table.  And we're getting rid of A TON of furniture that wouldn't fit anyway and that we don't really like - you know, those pieces that you've acquired over the years from friends or family that were necessarily inexpensive at the time but that don't really reflect your style?

The one thing that we're going to buy new is a couch.  I cannot even tell you how much we're not going to miss the futon.  We're not.  We contemplated burning it, but that seemed too much fun to be a good idea environmentally unsound and wasteful.  But buying a couch for the living room will be a little bit challenging - we have neither a big space nor a big budget.  We want something comfortable that we can really sink into, but if it's too bulky, it will overwhelm the small space.  Anything longer than 85" is not a possibility, and it can't be very deep either (theirs was 75" long and 38" deep).  The criteria are turning out to be a bit cumbersome, but I'm sure we'll find something great.

In the mean time, I found this awesome tool online - floorplanner.  You can do your own little residential floor plan for free, and I put one together so that I could give you guys a preview of the new space.  Some of the measurements are approximate, but it's basically accurate.

Pretty cool, isn't it?  There's a bookshelf in the top right corner (it's light blue in the shot below, though not in real life) - it's actually a built-in, but I couldn't figure out how to create that on the floor plan.  The window over the little table looks into the galley kitchen, and I made the beginning of the hallway (next to the bookshelf) that leads to the bathroom and bedroom.

So, as you see, the space is fairly narrow - as DC row houses generally are.  The main living area walls are painted an awesome light, punchy green, which I'm quite excited about.  And I'm thinking a charcoal gray couch will look perfect in there, as will my awesome mid-century modern desk craigslist-find from last year.

And here's a little treat - a terrible night-time picture of the backyard that I took with my camera phone.  The picture might be awful, but it's a Real Backyard!

Moving day is finally set for May 31, we've made our first drop-off at Goodwill, and we've listed most of our furniture on Craigslist.  The next few weeks will be really busy and a little uncomfortable, but I think June's going to be awesome!