Joyful Joyful

So, I was right to some extent - about the whole end coming thing.  At least the end of my lounging, crocheting, tv-watching life.  Work is...different from that.  I spend most of my time feeling some combination of overwhelmed and incompetent.  In rare moments, I have tiny little glimpses of success - I find the "right" case, I earn some positive feedback, I "get it."  

But whatever's happening there, I've had very little time to give to my creative endeavors.  I've been missing it. A lot.  So I'm recommitting myself to finding at least a few tiny moments of creative joy in my days.  So here's what's inspiring me this week:

This guy.

This beautiful bracelet and its adorable tree charm that I just got on etsy.  I couldn't get a good picture of the equally-wonderful tiny little bird charm.  

This blog.  Oh my god, I love this blog.

A little felted bowl that I made - my first felting project, inspired by a lovely felted scarf that I got recently from my stepmom (along with some felting instructions).

My new Target galoshes.  They have whales on them!