The End Cometh

Tomorrow I begin my new job and say goodbye to the months of leisurely cooking dinner, crocheting on the couch while watching Little House on the Prairie, spending a part of every day giving my creative bones some action.  Of course I'll be saying hello to exciting work where I can use my law degree, a reason to leave the house everyday (aside from Jammer), and a paycheck (which is sorely needed).

I've spent the last weekend stocking my kitchen as if I were preparing for the Apocalypse.  I did two major shopping trips at two different grocery stores, baked cookies, made and froze two pots of soup, made and froze six personal-size pizza crusts, and made a giant pot of gumbo this evening.

I've been scouring the internet for quick and healthy meal recipes.  I've gotten so used to having lots of time to plan out and prepare yummy meals that I feel almost frozen by the idea of Navah and I both arriving home at the end of the day and having to come up with something for dinner.  I'm afraid we'll eat pasta and spaghetti sauce every night.  The frozen soups and pizza crusts should help with that.  Other things that could be quick, healthy, and easy - burritos, stuffed peppers, sauteed veggies.

But that also leaves lunch!  What will I eat for lunch?!  I know these seem like the easiest questions, but I feel as though I've lost the ability to efficiently feed myself.

That's where you come in - particularly you silent readers.  I know you're out there!  What are your go-to meals on those nights when you get home late and you want something yummy right. now.?  What's your favorite thing to bring for lunch?  Please share!