KTMade Christmas: Part II

So, when I mentioned previously about the project that I was finishing on Christmas Eve, this was it.  Once I allowed myself to relax about all of the yarn ends that needed to be tucked in enough to actually look at the afghan, I was so ridiculously excited about how it turned out.  Look how gorgeous it is!

I wanted to make my mom and her husband an afghan that would look at home in their house, which is decorated in a fairly contemporary fashion with some deliciously rich-colored walls.  Bold colors and a modern look were an absolutely necessity - not always an easy feat with a crochet project.  When I found this pattern from Ravelry, I knew I had hit gold.

Sometimes I am so delightfully surprised about how all of these projects come together.  You start with a few balls of yarn and a crochet hook, and then you end up with something truly magnificent.

Most of my projects started out with big plans and then had to be downsized once I got closer and closer to the holidays. This afghan was the exception.  I made the hexagons with five rounds instead of the seven in the pattern because I was using a big crochet hook (size I) and fairly thick yarn - the luscious Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton - so I thought that it would still be big enough to act as a blanket.  Boy was I wrong.  I finished my 39 hexagons, laid them all out, and it was barely big enough to act as a baby blanket.  After allowing myself a few minutes of total panic and some tears, I regrouped and started making more hexagons.  Even after several more hours of crocheting it seemed like no matter how many I made, there weren't enough to make it into a usable afghan - until Navah got home.  She had been away for the weekend, but her fresh eyes upon coming home made all the difference.  I had been attempting to keep the hexagons in the same shape distribution as the pattern, but Navah moved them all around to make the blanket into a rectangular shape instead of a square shape.  Tada! An afghan!

I think my mom and her husband loved it.