Friday Inspiration: Etsy Faves

Today's Friday Inspiration is super special in honor of the fact that I just PASSED THE BAR!!  So, hurray for being able to make money as a lawyer to support my craft habit!  Here are some Etsy buys that inspire me to get down to crafting!

How beautiful is this alphabet needlepoint from mariesou?  After looking at this, I want both a baby (so that I can put this in a nursery) and an embroidery hoop.

I can't help but get caught up in the owl craze.  They're so darn cute. And this coin purse from Seventh Sphere is adorable.

PCarterCarpin's art is so cheery - I want to put it up all over the place!

These delicious pincushions from namolio have long tugged at my heart strings.  Just last week I finally gave myself the permission to get one, and I have been gleefully sticking my pins into a pretty purple one just like this!

Have a happy and creative weekend!