Our One Day Dreams

I have this dream.  In fact, I have a lot of them - awake ones.  But there's one in particular.

It's me.  In a farmhouse.  Some land.  Navah.  A couple kids.  And alpacas.

The sweet fuzzy guys (and gals) have stolen my heart.

I can't even remember how the idea got into my head in the first place.  I must have read about an alpaca farm, about someone spinning their own yarn, making things out of the fiber from the animals they raised.  I love the idea of being part of the start-to-finish process.  The theme song from Little House on the Prairie starts to ring in my ears...

However it got there, I've nursed it through the years - sometimes quietly and sometimes boldly sharing it.  The first time I ever met Navah, I shared my dream.  It was to her benefit that she told me it was a beautiful one.

Together we had a delightful time yesterday at Pax River Alpacas - meeting the animals, watching some spinning, buying yarn, and asking a thousand questions of the incredibly friendly owners of this lovely alpaca farm.  I can't wait to make something out of the deliciously soft yarn that I bought.  Whatever I make, I'm sure I'll think of Asmara, the alpaca that grew all that gorgeous fiber for me, every time I wear it.  Maybe I'll even wear it next time I visit her!

For now, our home is the city, and our days are filled with city things.  But as we drove away, Navah and I agreed that one day, we'd love to live that dream.

Us.  A farmhouse.  Some land.  A couple kids.  Alpacas.