The Lucy Bag

I loved crochet from the beginning.  It was like a moving meditation for my hands - sitting on the couch with my crochet hook working away, I felt so calm and relaxed.  I still do.  Focusing on those movements of the hook gives the rest of my active little brain a chance to breathe.

I can't remember what inspired me to learn to crochet, but the summer after I graduated from college, I bought a book from Michaels - Learn to Crochet in Just One Day.  And learn to crochet I did.  I sat myself down on the couch one Saturday and spent the whole day figuring it out, making one little swatch after another. A swatch of single crochet, a swatch of double crochet, and so on.  I made a giant afghan that summer - acrylic yarn in deep, dark colors I would never choose now.

With graduate school and work and then law school and various other endeavors, I lost touch with my crochet hook and got into other things.  About six months ago, Lucy of Attic24 reintroduced me.  I came across her blog in my ever-constant looking at all the glorious craft blogs out there, and I was immediately drawn in by her gorgeous crochet work.  She brings such a joyful spirit to her crocheting, and every picture made me want to buy a giant bag of cheerful yarn and just get going.  So I did.

I made this delightful bag from a pattern on her site - to hold my yarn stash, and just looking at it makes me smile.

So many happy colors!  I've been so grateful for the inspiration as I dreamily plan my next creations and snuggle down into the couch to give my fingers some work and my brain a little breathing room.