Big Sis

I was five when my sister was born - excited for a little baby but maybe a little jealous of all the cooing over her.  At the hospital, my dad gave me a necklace with a little charm on it - a special present because I was a big sister now.  I got a lot of those gifts over the next few weeks as kind and caring adults tried to let me know that I was still just as special as before.  While I have heard reports that I bit my sister's leg in a fit of jealousy within a week or so of her birth, nevertheless - I loved her, and I loved being a big sister immensely.  She is one of my dearest friends.  And perhaps it was just a love nibble.

My friend C gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy last week, and I made her 3-year-old daughter this little shirt to celebrate her exciting new status as a big sister.  

I bought some cute iron-on letters from Michaels, a pink shirt from Target, and I got to ironing.  

The shirt turned out beautifully, and I hope she'll enjoy being a big sister as much as I have.