This Week in My Garden: June 25, 2015

My hosta wrote me a love letter. I gasped out loud when I saw the flowers, totally unexpected on my morning walk a couple days ago. I walk straight through the yard these days, rather than up the driveway and onto the street, so that I can quickly peruse the garden and then check on the blueberries and raspberries before we head out. I almost passed right by the hosta without noticing because I was looking to the right, worrying over my zucchini. 

Thank goodness I turned my head. A well-timed flower sighting can make my day. 

The garden is a little weird right now, with some things growing beautifully and others suffering for reasons I can't figure out. 

On the positive side: My hosta, of course. The sugar snap peas are flowering. There are tomatoes on almost every one of my tomato plants. That has never happened by this time of the year, and I am delighted. My green beans are making slow and steady progress. The pattypan and delicata squash seem happy as can be. Aside from being chomped by bunnies, several of the brussels sprouts are looking big and luscious. I'm harvesting a few radishes every few days.

On the negative side: The zucchini and cucumbers are just....sad looking. Some of the leaves are turning brown and some of them have a sort of speckled appearance, almost like they just couldn't get quite green enough. My eggplant and spinach are growing so slowly. The eggplant has only made a few new leaves since I put them in the ground over a month ago, and the spinach still look like small sprouts even though it's been at least two weeks. The radishes are very, very tiny. Also, should I be worried about these yellowing leaves at the bottom of a few tomato plants? And how did I end up with so many little rocks in my soil?

Always a learning experience. I haven't gotten as much time out there in the last couple weeks, and I miss my lazy weeding. Here's hoping I can add a little more garden time in the coming days. 

p.s. Our garden, two years ago this week.

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