Ten Things

1. On Sunday night, I finished knitting my first adult-sized sweater, which is also my first pullover (I've previously knit two baby cardigans). When I bound off the last stitch and held it up, I laughed simply because smiling wasn't enough. I felt like a rockstar. I'm blocking it now, and I can't wait for it to dry so I can share it with you. 

2. We visited the Lake Champlain Islands this past Saturday with my in-laws and stopped in at the Hyde Log Cabin, which is believed to be the oldest log cabin in the United States. Boy do I love old homes. This one had the bonus of a volunteer attendant in old-timey garb to tell us all about the Hyde family's belongings in the single-room cabin - the corn husk beds, the quilts, the family register, the spinning wheels. And then we visited the one-room school house next door where I leafed through all the old English lesson books. I was in heaven. 

3. Since making my little simple weaving, I've become obsessed with weaving. I've looked at  every woven thing on Etsy, and I'm thinking about weaving a floor mat. 

4. We'll be on vacation next week, and it can't come soon enough. 

5. I feel as though I could subsist entirely on this balela salad from Costco right now. It has such an interesting flavor profile, and I could easily eat the entire tub in one sitting (but then likely be quite sick). 

6. My aunt and uncle spent a few days of their vacation up here last week, and it was such a treat to visit with them and steal their knowledge about plants and gardening. My uncle is a landscape architect, and my aunt is a terrific gardener with a good eye. They gave me so many ideas for our yard. It might be years before we can implement a lot of them, but I'm excited by the possibilities.

7. We're about a quarter of the way through staining our deck, and it won't stop raining long enough for us to finish. Also, getting a good coating on all those little railing slats is incredibly tedious. Good news is that the rain is mostly beading up on the places we have stained. Hurray for being semi-responsible homeowners! 

8. The conversation happening over on Momastery's facebook page about the Charleston shooting and about the way we all interact with and talk to each other (or don't) is so moving, and it makes me feel hope in a time that seems, in some ways, hopeless.

9. I have been submitting my food photos to foodgawker, and no matter how good I think they area, they never accept them (except for this one several months ago). Almost every time, they say that the photos are underexposed or have low lighting, and I can't figure out where/how to take a picture that doesn't end up that way (and also, I can't totally see it, which is even more frustrating). 

10. Jammer is snoring. 

p.s. One of the little baby sweaters I made

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