This Week in My Garden: June 18, 2015

Things are happening!! I came out one day last week to find teeny tiny little cherry tomatoes, the green bean sprouts shot up, we got a wee radish, and overnight the zucchini plants blossomed. It all makes my heart go pitter patter. The joy of that new fruit on the stem is worth all the headaches with rabbits and slugs. 

The zucchini plants actually have me concerned because their leaves have not done that well, so all four of them look pretty anemic. I can't imagine how the little bit of sun they'll be able to take in will support those new blossoms. I pinched the flower off one plant to do a little experiment and see how it does in comparison to the other three. The growing season is short, so things do need to flower quickly, but this just seems awfully early for the size of the plants. 

Sometimes I think I'd like being a farmer, spending the days tending my fields, but I know I'm glamorizing it. If the slugs bug me now, imagine if they were destroying my livelihood. 

No, I think I'll stick to my little homesteading garden. It suits me just fine.

p.s. Four ingredient vegan chocolate frosting.

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