I'm Katie. I'm a pie-baking, quilt-making, spatula-throwing, spider-fearing, dirt-digging, hobby-collecting, wife-loving, picture-taking Georgia Peach living in the wilds of Vermont (if the wilds of Vermont are a small town outside Burlington) with my lady and our unruly dog Jammer

I'm silly and I'm serious. I'm strong and I'm oh so sensitive. I'm a seeker and a learner and a noisy introvert. I'm a former band geek and theatre nerd and a current dressed-up 9-to-5er. I'm a million things. 

Just like you. 

Here, I'm a writer. A creator. A community-maker. 

Through creating - in my studio, in the kitchen, in the garden - and through writing, I find a path to reflect on life and the living of it. I dig into those messy, open spaces that invite exploration and grant myself permission to hold both the beauty and the very real struggles of our days. I grant you that permission too. 

On these pages, I strive for meaning and connection, grace and vulnerability. I am reaching always toward gratitude and acceptance. Sometimes I even get there. 

Your presence here makes my day. Every day. 

If you're new, welcome. Here are some posts to get you started. 

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