Friday, August 23, 2013


Oh hi.

I could go into a long song and dance about why I've been away from the blog for a while, but that's no fun.  And I'm following the advice of my old therapist who, when I came to therapy once after missing several weeks and bemoaned all the time I would need to spend getting her up to speed, said "or you could just start where you are."  So there you go.

Our trip down the coast of Maine (from Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park, through Camden and Rockland, and finally Port Clyde) at the end of July was gorgeous and a welcome vacation from busy work life.  We got in some hiking, some reading, some lounging, some quality time with each other, and some laughs with friends.  And of course, a lot of photography.


Anonymous said...

All the pics are great, but seriously I have always loved those ducks with the feather-poof-heads. I mean seriously. I think the evolutionary purpose for those poofs is to make sure we all get a little laugh in every now and again.

Winnie said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer! Those ducks are so adorable, have never seen any like that! I used to vacation in ME all the time with my late hubby. Your pics remind me how much I love it up there. We camped in Acadia National park often, and traveled all around. Popovers and tea at Jordan's Pond house for me! Your pictures are beautiful!

Katie said...

We sat and watched those guys for a full 10 minutes. They were totally cracking us up!

Katie said...

Thanks Winnie - I hope you're doing well this summer.
We kept hearing people talking about popovers and tea at Jordan's Pond, but we didn't make it to the restaurant - a reason to go back!


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