Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Rocks Photo Walk

Our friend Sai was in town this weekend (yay!), and we were lucky to have gorgeous weather for all our outdoor activities - including lounging (and shopping) at the Burlington Farmers Market, hanging out with friends at a potluck, and visiting Red Rocks Park in South Burlington for a short hike and some Lake Champlain beach time. 

I haven't been snapping many nature shots these days because we've had such a busy social calendar, so I was delighted to step onto the trail with camera in hand. 

What did you do this weekend?




  1. i hung out with yooooouuuu and it was aaaaaawwwwesoooooome.

  2. Makes me homesick in a good way :) Thank you for posting such lovely pictures.

  3. My pleasure! I'm glad the pictures were meaningful to you!



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