Friday, August 12, 2011

Because Sometimes One Just Isn't Enough

For a while now, I've been ogling the gallery-style walls filled with frames that are all over the web these days.  You can see some here, and here, and here, and here, and here.  See what I'm saying? All over.

I thought it was the perfect solution for the wall behind our couch, which is somewhat split in half, with part of the wall jutting out about 2 to 3 inches further into the room.  Normally I would want to put one nice big piece behind the sofa - we have a world map that might have looked beautiful on a normal, flat wall.  But a normal, flat wall was not to be. 

I hoped that a grouping of various sized frames would distract from the oddness of the wall's structure.  And I think that's exactly what happened. 

Many of my inspiration walls are more thematic than mine - all the same color frames, frames with only maps, frames with the same style.  I went for a more relaxed, eclectic look.  One of my problems with home design in general is that I am loath to let go of any pieces that I really love.  In an apartment as small as ours, there aren't that many places to hang art, so I wasn't willing to relegate some pieces to the back of the closet just because they didn't match the theme.  I contemplated painting all the frames the same color, but (1) I couldn't decide on what color that would be, (2) two of the pieces either didn't have a frame or had a frame that I didn't want to paint over, and (3) not all of the pieces would have looked good in the same color frame.  So, eclectic it was. 

In truth, I think that's really more my style, and I like the way it turned out.  There are still a few place-holder pictures because, well, I'm impatient.  I really wanted to get it up on the wall and not wait any longer to find just the right pieces.  So I just went for it. 

Not without spacing them all out on the wall with cut-out paper bags, of course. 

Navah's still on the fence.  I think it just looks sort of cluttered to her, perhaps as a result of my electic style.  And she thinks the letters are cheesy.  Fair enough.  I'm cheesy like that.

My one concern - I always think at least one frame is a, titled, wonky.    I also keep wondering if the spacing is exactly right - perhaps they're a little too far apart here or there. I guess that's two concerns.  I could go crazy.  Thank goodness it'll be behind my head most of the time.

What do you guys think?


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Cathy said...

I love this idea! It would seem to always be a work in progress...."hey maybe that those two pieces could switch so this new piece would fit in more easily"...that sort of thing. Did you put little "bumpers" on the bottom corners of each frame to keep them from moving around? Helps a lot.

ktmade said...

Thanks! Some of them do have bumpers, though I should probably add them to all of them. The ones that have bumpers now were ones where the top stuck out from the wall because they're hung with wire. So I put the bumpers to make them sit straight.

Erin M said...

I LOVE the wall!! I've always wanted one, too...I just can't seem to believe that mine would ever look that good!!!

Emily @ Merrypad said...

Thanks for including me in your list of inspirational galleries! I really, really loved that wall, but I took it down last month after I painted stripes on my stairs... it was too competitive. Hopefully I find a new home for it soon :) I love how yours turned out!

ktmade said...

You should go for it Erin! It took me a few months to work up the nerve and build up the group of things I was going to hang, but I kept looking at inspiration photos and finally just decided to take the plunge! I've seen a lot of people doing them in hallways, which I think feels a little safer. :)

ktmade said...

Thanks Emily! I hope you find a new home for it too - I loved some of your pieces!

saisai said...

I think it looks great!


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